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About Refined Resale of Royal Oak


 Owner: Anita Simone

I have 4 passions--- my love for God and pursuit of being more Christ-like, Education, Physical and Mental well-being and Fashion.  Over the course of my life, I have pursued them in some form or fashion which has shaped the person I am today.  My Lord and Savior has been a consistent spiritual force throughout my life.  My accomplishments in education, health and business are all due to My God.  Obtaining advance degrees in Business and Law helped me to develop my mind for business and entrepreneurship.  Maintaining good physical and mental health allows me to pursue my dreams of being a successful entrepreneur.  As far as fashion, I’ve always loved finding fashionable clothing and accessories at great prices.  I don’t believe in paying full price for anything!  Understanding these things about myself—naturally resulted in becoming the owner of Refined Resale of Royal Oak.  I love everything about my shop and what we offer. Refined Resale features exclusive mid to high-end clothing, shoes, jewelry, and of course a rather wide variety of beautiful and new and pre-owned fur coats and accessories. In 2019, my shop received the “Best of 2019 Royal Oak Award” as a Consignment Store!  It has been recognized as one the best furriers in Michigan. With a good eye for fashion, I love to assist my clients with putting together stunning outfits for any occasion.  Fueled by gratitude and customer satisfaction, I’m committed to making sure your shopping experience is a good one. And I’m looking forward to serving you!

History of Refined Resale

Refined Resale has been the go to resale & consignment shop since the early 2000’s. Many others have come and gone, while Refined Resale has become a staple in the Royal Oak Community on Woodard Ave. The original owners were innovators and recognized that the community would appreciate having an outlet where they could find high end vintage and pre-owned items for a bargain! Today, Ms. Anita Jennings (new owner) will carry the torch bringing even more innovation. Refined Resale will feature exclusive high end clothing, shoes, jewelry, and of course a rather wide variety of fur coats and fur accessories. With a good eye for fashion, she loves helping her clients by putting together stunning masterpieces for any occasion. Fueled by gratitude and customer satisfaction, our team is committed to making sure every experience with us is a good one.